We do have the now Obsolete HAI Omni and OnQ HMS Controllers. A VERY FEW are STILL AVAILABLE! We have stock on HMS 925, 1050, 800, 950 & 1100 models of Controllers.

We do have the now Obsolete HAI Omni and OnQ HMS Controllers. A VERY FEW are STILL AVAILABLE! We have stock on HMS 925, 1050, 800, 950 & 1100 models of Controllers.



Which model and brand do you need? Before shipping we will need to ask these questions. Put this item in the shopping cart at $0, include your contact information and we will contact you before shiping. We also have a new replacement controller that you may consider as an alternative to replacing your controller. 864-663-0014

6/20/2019 Leviton will no longer manufacture the Omni product line.

Time to Upgrade your Home Automation System Controller ?

We have a few of the Omni Controllers in stock on a first come first served basis.

The information below is for historical purposes only. We will only sell our supply of Omni controllers and supplies to existing Omni owners. If you are a previous customer call for you special pricing.


On DEC 31 2008 OnQ Legrand issued an announcement that they would no longer manufacture the HMS line of products.

“On-Q/Legrand and Home Automation announces the conclusion of a long standing OEM relationship on behalf of the On-Q Home Management System (HMS) line of product offerings”.  However Stewart Electronics continues to support this line of products.

For over a decade On-Q/Legrand, built a wide variety of HMS controllers, devices, user interfaces, modules and software solutions.  During this time Stewart Electronics provided Factory Authorized hands on dealer training in our South Carolina “Automation University” classroom for thousands of HMS dealers. We also distributed these products through our website.

Today, we continue to support the OnQ HMS products and customers through replacement parts, upgrades, on-site and remote support nationwide. If you have a problem with your HMS controls or related parts we still have replacement parts. And we can upgrade your HMS system to the latest technology. These upgrades are “direct” replacements that include support for the latest “Connected Home” features.

Whether you simply want an exact replacement or an upgrade to current technology your search can end with us.

In addition Stewart Electronics is also the US manufacturer of ALC lighting which was commonly sold with the HMS systems. No matter what problem you may be encountering don’t panic. We have many years of consulting on systems like yours.

This line of HMS controls were sold by the thousands to low voltage dealerships nationwide. But as you may now painfully know being an installer does not mean that you are also a troubleshooter.

Should you want to consider our consulting services we use the following objectives as our (and your) goals.

We ask you to provide a local licensed contractor (or a good DIY’er) that we can train on your system. This resource can be a person with no previous experience. Actually we have had great luck training a local electrician on the products in your home. Yes, we can train low voltage contractors as well. But the troubleshooting required to upgrade or solve your problems are rarely beyond the capability of a dependable electrician or your best friend who is also a DIY’er. Take a look at our OMNI Travel & Consulting in our shopping cart.

And, while we are on-site we should teach your resource on upgrades and additions in the future. The installation of an internet connection for your newel upgraded controller allows us to remote in from our South Carolina location for diagnostics and programming.

We currently have stock on the following HMS controller models and related keypads, lighting and interfaces:

HMS 925
HMS 1050
HMS 800
HMS 950e
HMS 1100

We can also upgrade these HMS models to the latest models of HAI Omni products. These upgrades can also provide interfaces to a wide variety of connected home and wireless products.

Sadly, we receive calls from all across the USA and Canada from owners of these systems that claim that they can’t find a suitable dealer to service their system in their area. Our advice to them includes upgrading these controller to the latest technology  that enables us to “Remote in” to their system over the internet for future support, diagnostics and programming.

See Omni Upgrades & Replacements in our shopping cart

Once your system is upgraded we can remote in to diagnose, program and even add new features. Often the installation of an upgraded controller can be done without us traveling to your site. When adding new features and devices some on-site.

See OMNI Travel & Consulting in our shopping cart. You can also travel to our Automated Classroom in South Carolina where thousands before you have learned this technology.

See our HMS & OMNI Classroom training in our shopping cart.

Even if you have an on site resource nearby, we can consult with them on repairs and upgrades.

If you are having troubles that a local dealer can’t support give us a call at 864-663-0014 to discuss our on-site and or remote support of OnQ HMS controls and related products. Also review our consulting and design services.

If your system has been damaged by a lightning strike or water damage we have specialized in this kind of consulting for insurance companies and home owners alike.

Other Home Automation controllers that we support and or provide upgrades or consulting on are:

Aegis 1000
Aegis 1500
Aegis 1500e
Aegis 2000
Aegis 3000

The Aegis line of home automation systems can also be upgraded to the most recent technology.

Both the Aegis and the OnQ HMS lines can be upgraded without rewiring your existing system. Each family of controls can also support a wide variety of wireless home automation and security products.

Without upgrading your current Aegis or OnQ HMS controller your existing keypads, security system, automated thermostats and other automated subsystems will still work. However our ability to remotely support your install would be lessened or eliminated.

If you don’t see the HMS part you are looking for on our website, give us a call, chances are we have stock on most items that were ever sold for the OnQ HMS line of Home Management System parts.

Stewart Electronics 864-663-0014

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