HAI Omni ii, Omni Pro, OnQ HMS systems Troubleshooting and Consulting

HAI Omni ii, Omni Pro, OnQ HMS systems Troubleshooting and Consulting


The HAI Leviton line of Home Automation control systems are among the most powerful and economical choices available. Better yet the system supports “Open Architecture” subsystems and products from a wide variety of manufacturers. While the flexibility of an open architecture system is rare it can cause a system support problem.

Our history with the HAI Leviton Omni, Omni ii, Omni Pro and Omni Pro and The ONQ Legrand HMS 925, HMS 1050, HMS 950 and HMS 110 controllers dates back into the 1990’s. In addition to our own installations, we have also been authorized training sites and consultants for both HAI Leviton and OnQ LEgrand.

Whether you just want some free advice or an onsite consulting or troubleshooting visit, we can end your search for support. We can travel to your location for HAI Omni or OnQ HMS Troubleshooting or upgrades. We can train your choice of local installers or we can train you if you are a DIY’er (Do it your selfer)! If your HAI Levition Omni Dealer or OnQ Legrand HMS dealer is no longer in business we can train you or another contractor at your location or in our fully automated training center in South Carolina.

As a prime objective we always want you to be in charge of your own system so that you are not dependent on anyone other than yourself or a trusted local “techie” or contractor. One of the best ways to accomplish this is for us to teach you or your contractor on how to identify existing problems and solve them. Once all on-site problems are solved we encourage you to upgrade your controller to the latest model that will allow us to “remotely” login to diagnose and even make programming changes from any location with an internet connection.

And of course once your system is upgraded the world of “connected” features is yours to choose from. Add an app to your phone or tablet and your system is fully connected!

We certainly have extensive skills as on-site HAI OMNI or OnQ HMS troubleshooters or as your remote (or local) consultant. In addition we also have a long history of helping with Lightning claims to HAI Omni & OnQ HMS home automation systems.

Among the models we support are:
HAI Leviton Omni LT
HAI Leviton Omni
HAI Leviton Omni II
HAI Leviton Omni IIe
HAI Leviton Omni Pro
HAI Leviton Omni Pro II
HAI Leviton Omni Pro IIe
Aegis 1000
Aegis 1500
Aegis 2000
Aegis 2500
OnQ HMS 800
OnQ HMS 925
OnQ HMS 950
OnQ HMS 1050
OnQ HMS 1100
Elk EZ8
Elk M1G
And Many More

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Omni II Controller – Used, Omni II e Controller, Omni Pro II Controller, Omni Pro II Controller – Used, Omni Pro II Large Package, Omni Pro II Medium Package, Omni Pro Small Package

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