For a short time, we do have the “Now Obsolete HAI Omni Controllers”.

For a short time, we do have the “Now Obsolete HAI Omni Controllers”.



11/1/2020 Update – This part is now obsolete. However, we may be able to substitute another model. Place this item in the shopping cart (at no cost) and include your phone and email so that we can contact you to be sure you get the correct part. You will not be charged until we confirm your exact needs!

The Description below may no longer be accurate!


6/20/2019 Leviton will no longer manufacture the Omni product line.

Time to Upgrade your Home Automation System Controller ?

We have a few of the Omni Controllers in stock on a first come first served basis.

The information below is for historical purposes only. We will only sell our supply of Omni controllers and supplies to existing Omni owners. If you are a previous customer call for you special pricing.


There’s no better choice than an Omni control system from HAI Leviton

Leviton’s Omni automation system is the brain of your automated home and business, coordinating security, energy, and entertainment. The OmniPro II, Omni IIe, and Omni LTe meet virtually all size, sophistication, and pricing requirements, providing a reliable backbone from townhouses to warehouses.

Lights, temperatures, security, access control, and audio/video can be automated by time, date, day of week, as well as motion detection or door/window openings. Remote control from a smartphone or tablet is available anywhere in the world with zero subscription fees.

Includes built-in residential UL Listed security and fire systems (UL Commercial Burglary), detecting intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water, and other hazards through wired and wireless sensors. For a truly secure property, integrate video surveillance, hard-wired access control, and third party wireless door locks.

Report activities to a central monitoring station, or receive a phone call, text, or email when an event occurs like children arriving home from school or a high temperature alert in a wine cellar.

Enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system by setting scenes, fades, and dimming levels. Just touch one button to turn every light in a room or whole house on or off. Utilize one of Leviton’s communicating lines for new builds or retrofits like ALC, Vizia RF, UPB, or Omni-Bus – or integrate with nearly a dozen other manufacturers.

By controlling temperature and lighting based on time of day, occupancy, or outdoor temperature, Leviton products can reduce energy costs. Automate pool pumps, fountains, electric water heaters, and other high-draw devices, plus manage temperatures in attics, greenhouses, garages, basements, and wine cellars.

From a smartphone or tablet, warm up or cool down the house after a vacation, check on temperatures, and save energy.

Distribute music from any audio source to different rooms simultaneously and independently. Use a touchscreen to turn down TV volume, or have the AV equipment automatically power down every time you leave the building.

When used as an upgrade to an existing Omni, Aegis or OnQ HMS controller, existing interfaces like keypads, sensors and expansion modules may not be needed and are not included in this upgrade. .

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Omni II Controller – Used, Omni II e Controller, Omni Pro II Controller, Omni Pro II Controller – Used, Omni Pro II Large Package, Omni Pro II Medium Package, Omni Pro Small Package

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