TECHNICIANS ALC TOOL / TEST KIT: For 1 branch ALC systems – NOW OBSOLETE PRICE GREATLY DISCOUNTED WAS $3500 NOW $750 👍Use instead of hiring a Contractor to service your ALC system

TECHNICIANS ALC TOOL / TEST KIT: For 1 branch ALC systems – NOW OBSOLETE PRICE GREATLY DISCOUNTED WAS $3500 NOW $750 👍Use instead of hiring a Contractor to service your ALC system

$3,500.00 $750.00


*** Mini Laptop with ALC Technicians Tool Kit software pre-installed is available!

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6/3/2019  Stewart Electronics announces that ALC Lighting products will no longer be manufactured!

 WE DO HAVE STOCK ON MOST ALC PARTS! At least for now! Original prices are greatly reduced (while they last). Quantity limits apply.

We recently learned that the principle semiconductors used in the manufacturing of our light switches are now OBSOLETE!

We advise those of you with ALC products installed in your homes to contact us to purchase some spares. Our light switches had less than a .01 percent failure rate. So, a few spares may last you for many years.

For the same reasons we will no longer be able to make repairs to your circuit boards.

CONSIDERING UPGRADING? For the past 25 years we have consulted on installs across North America. Our initial advice is free. Call us to discuss your home’s future.

We also have a decent stock of the recently obsolete HAI Omni controllers.

Tony Stewart

Founder – Stewart Electronics

Cell and Office 864-663-1517


Information below is for historical purposes only.

The ALC line of automated lighting products was previously owned by OnQ Legrand. Since 2009 Stewart Electronics has owned and manufactured this line of products in the USA.

If you have an ALC lighting system or if you are a contractor supporting this product line you NEED this tool kit! Connect it at the branch interface where all the communications cabling (the Polling Loop) begins and test all ALC products at the same time. Or, take it to the location of each wall switch and connect it to a single switch at a time (by un-wiring only the two wire polling loop).

Without this tool kit troubleshooting can takes countless hours of guess work!


Use this kit for testing one ALC switch at a time or for testing an entire branch of up to 31 switches ALL AT ONCE.
Another version is available that can test 124 switches at the same time (4 total branches).

Training is available On-Sight or in our Automated Classroom in South Carolina.

THE NEED: Often we have customers return numerous ALC switches for repair. However, we typically only find ONE of their ALC switches to actually be bad.  Sadly, ALC communications wiring (the polling loop) is often ran in a Daisy Chain fashion instead of a Home Run pattern. With daisy chain wiring, should one switch fail it can shut down communications with many if not all of the remaining ALC switches on that cable run.

The end result is that you must often un-wire each switch one at a time and ship them back for us to evaluate.

Our ALC Technician’s Tool Kit is simply the best tool to use to troubleshoot ALC lighting systems. Includes:

CAUTION: Connecting to an electrical circuit should be done by a licensed electrical contractor.

  • ALC Circuit Tester
    • Start with connecting all of the branch cables leaving the lighting controller and test the entire branch circuit all at once.
    • Should numerous switches not show up on this test, move the tester to each wall switch and test each one by itself.
    • This tester is portable so that you can take it to each wall switch.
      • No more un-wiring each switch. Instead:
        • Turn off the breaker, pull the switch out of the box just far enough to get to the ALC polling loop wire (2 conductors).
        • Cut the ALC Polling loop loose (remember how to put it back later).
        • Turn the AC breaker back on.
        • Attach the tester to these wires and test just this one switch.
        • If it fails, do not connect it back to the polling loop. Instead reconnect all polling loop wires and retest from the branch circuit.
      • If there are still failures move the tester to the next wall switch and repeat the procedure.
  • ALC Diagnosis Software
    • Some versions come pre-installed on Mini Windows PC.
    • Identifies working and failed switches.
    • Control each switch by turning on / off, bright / dim or flash on and off.

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