Lighting Hub 364736-01 ALC Enhanced Branch Hub

Lighting Hub 364736-01 ALC Enhanced Branch Hub

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6/3/2019  Stewart Electronics announces that ALC Lighting products will no longer be manufactured!

 WE DO HAVE STOCK ON MOST ALC PARTS! At least for now! Original prices are greatly reduced (while they last). Quantity limits apply.

We recently learned that the principle semiconductors used in the manufacturing of our light switches are now OBSOLETE!

We advise those of you with ALC products installed in your homes to contact us to purchase some spares. Our light switches had less than a .01 percent failure rate. So, a few spares may last you for many years.

For the same reasons we will no longer be able to make repairs to your circuit boards.

CONSIDERING UPGRADING? For the past 25 years we have consulted on installs across North America. Our initial advice is free. Call us to discuss your home’s future.

We also have a decent stock of the recently obsolete HAI Omni controllers.

Tony Stewart

Founder – Stewart Electronics

Cell and Office 864-663-1517


Information below is for historical purposes only.

BOARD ONLY (ALSO SEE 364312 FOR HOUSING OPTIONS) Stewart Electronics offers an ALC Enhanced Branch Hub, PN 364736 in a variety of colors  (see Figure 1) which extends the wiring distances of ALC branches up to 1000 additional feet from a lighting controller. The Hub incorporates active electronics that selectively recondition weakened communication signals on an ALC two-wire communications branch. The Hub supports direct wiring of ALC switches to a centralized connection location providing a structured ALC lighting system installation. A direct wiring methodology is conducive to testing and efficient isolation of faults when they occur.  The Hub acts as a conduit to pass ALC communications between all connected switches and a lighting controller (see Figure 2). Each ALC Enhanced Branch Hub provides a DIP switch at each ALC switch connection point to allow efficient isolation of individual lighting controls from the ALC communication branch. A single category cable may provide ALC communications and 12 VDC, 100mA power to each Hub. Each ALC Enhanced Branch Hub is installed in a Hide-A-Port outlet (included) for a clean professional installation and easy accessibility.

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