Please pick one of the following dates for our visit to your location then place this item in the shopping cart and complete the payment process. Then email us your choice of dates.


We can NOT PROMISE to hold these dates!
Should another client purchase any of these dates ahead of you, we can provide addition dates in mid to late March

We have now completed advanced preparation and consulting related to problems with your ALC lighting system. The next step is for one or more of us to travel to your site and counsel on the troubleshooting, repair and or replacement of failed devices.

Unless you are located inside the state of South Carolina where we are a licensed business and contractor, our time at your location must be free of charge and we are not able to actually do the work. For the actual work we ask for a licensed contractor to be present. In some occasions the home owner can perform any required work themselves. Check with your local codes in this case.

You are being charged for ONLY the time spent before we travel costs to and from your location.
Our time on your site is limited to a maximum of 7 hours (or less) unless otherwise indicated.
Purchasing this service is agreement to all terms.

Cost of shipping any instructional materials, test equipment or spare parts for your licensed contractor to use is included in this purchase.

The return of these items will be at your cost via UPS and should be shipped back to us within 5 days days of our visit.

If any materials are needed they must be purchased they must also be purchased from this website.


You, your DIY friend or family member or a licensed contractor(s) will be needed
Our role will be to consult, train and teach troubleshooting methods. The hands-on will be done by you or your contractor.
You will be charged for our travel costs only.

Additional days on-site will impact our travel time and will be charged accordingly.
We suggest you choose a local contractor with a history of integrity and dependability. We can instruct them on your system so they DO NOT need to be familiar with it at all!


On-site consulting with your choice of licensed contractor. To include troubleshooting and product training.

End result to include isolating and repairing any current of future lighting related problems with ALC lighting.

Evaluate ALC related control electronics like the OnQ HMS, HAI Leviton Omni family, ALC Controls, Aegis and Elk M1 systems.
Depending on the depth of automation with these third party products and the size of the overall system this could require additional time and resources onsite.

In order to reduce surprises we instituted a “pre-planning” phase where we exchanged Q & A emails and reviewed pictures of your system.

Leave each customer with the ability to become dependent on local contractors and readily available replacement products where possible.


A minimum amount of replacement parts will be sold through our website so that the on-site contractors troubleshooting training will include replacement techniques.

All product purchases must be done through our web site and will not be charged sales tax outside of SC. You are expected to pay your own sales tax. No payment for parts can be made to us while on-site. Instead you will place orders for additional parts on our website.

All ALC parts and pricing are on our website @ www.smarthouseparts.com
Once on-site we can finalize the quantity of parts that will be needed for future work as needed.


In some instances we sell “The ALC Technician’s Tool Kit” that must be purchased before our visit. The cost of this “kit” is not included in this purchase unless otherwise noted.

Without this tool kit it could days days to identify failed ALC lighting devices.
We will bring specialized test equipment as needed.
However, we will focus our training on methods your contractor can use to implement future repairs without specialized test equipment.

Your contractor should have low voltage test equipment like:
Fox and Hound (tone and probe) tester
AC/DC voltmeter/Ohmeter
Telephone Butt Set
Ethernet Data Tester

Your contractor should have low voltage cabling tools like:
Small gauge wire strippers (26 gauge up to 18 gauge)
Battery Screwdriver
End cutters
Needle nose pliars
Your Contractor should have:
Ladder (a footstool is more often needed)
Drill and bits

If not already supplied to us please provide the models (if known) and quantities of devices. Send pictures if possible and Include:

Model of controller and or control electronics
Rough quantity of ALC lights installed.
If you count every ALC light switch on every wall, then that will work until we are on-site to finalize this count.
Other scene switches or interfaces related to this lighting system.
Send pictures of any multi button wall switches, touchpads, keypads or any other type wall mounted keypad types.
Send list of Subsystems controlled:
Door bell, Garage Doors, Driveway Alerts
Pools, Fountains and Sprinlers
Thermostats, Water Leak
Any other subsystems

This purchase includes advanced planning, travel costs to and from your location and free On-site Training & Troubleshooting for our ALC lighting system and related control electronics only.

Typically one day on-site with your choice of licensed contractor is needed.
Again, If you will take on this role as a DIY’er check local codes & regulations to be sure this is acceptable. Time on site with a DIY’er may take longer than with licensed contractors.

Larger systems may require additional days and or additional manpower.
Storm, surge or water damaged systems may require additional days and or manpower.
Upgrades to the latest technology (connected home etc) will require additional days and manpower.

Classroom training is also available in South Carolina Automated Classroom for ALC lighting. Additional classroom training is available for HAI Leviton Omni, AEgis or OnQ HMS controls or Home Automation System. These systems may require additional On-site troubleshooting training and will impact travel costs.

Stewart Electronics has consulted on Smart House systems and provided classroom, on-site training, troubleshooting and upgrade support since 1993.

We consult on most any Home Automation product lines including:

Our own line of ALC lighting products (previously owned by OnQ Legrand).
OnQ Legrand HMS800, HMS925, HMS1050, HMS950, HMS1100 Automation systems.
HAI Leviton Omni LT, Omni, Omni ii, Omni iie, Omni Pro, Omni pro ii, Omni pro iie Automaton systems.
Aegis 1000, 1500, 1500e, 2000, 3000 Automation Systems.
Elk Products M1 Automation Systems
Interlogix Security Systems
Any Brand of Commercial Fire Alarms
Any Brand of Cameras Systems (CCTV)
Any Brand of Access Control Systems.
Alarm.com Installations.


Homeowner Dr. Scott Harrington, Tulsa OK & Carefree Arizona, Phone (918) 743-9929
2006: Obsolete AMP Smarthouse System upgraded to ALC lighting and HAI Omni controls

Alarm Technician Mr. Steve Rogers – Gilroy, CA – Phone 408-828-2670
2015: Consulted with Steve on Lighting damaged ALC system with Omni Pro controls

Business Owner and Homeowner Mr. Ryan Seutter – Edmonton Alberta Canada Phone 780-993-7936
2013: Consulted onsite with DIY’er Ryan for his Automated Gold Course Clubhouse and his Home
Elk Products M1 has Automated Lights, Security, Door Access, Cameras and Sound System
See Pictures of the Room that contains this Elk M1 Installation

Homeowner Mr. Rick Kovach – Scottsdale AZ – Email Rickkovach@bemousa.com
2002: Met Rick when dispatched as consultant to his home by his insurance company to review a local contractor’s claim of lighting damage.
2005: Obsolete Molex Smarthouse System upgraded to ALC lighting and HAI Omni controls
2005-Present: On-site consulting with Local Licensed Contractors on Upgrades as New Technology Becomes Available.
System has over 175 ALC light switches.

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