Serial Interface ELK M1 364864-01, ALC to ELK M1 Automation Controller, NOW OBSOLETE – QUANTITIES LIMITED

Serial Interface ELK M1 364864-01, ALC to ELK M1 Automation Controller, NOW OBSOLETE – QUANTITIES LIMITED

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6/3/2019  Stewart Electronics announces that ALC Lighting products will no longer be manufactured!

 WE DO HAVE STOCK ON MOST ALC PARTS! At least for now! Original prices are greatly reduced (while they last). Quantity limits apply.

We recently learned that the principle semiconductors used in the manufacturing of our light switches are now OBSOLETE!

We advise those of you with ALC products installed in your homes to contact us to purchase some spares. Our light switches had less than a .01 percent failure rate. So, a few spares may last you for many years.

For the same reasons we will no longer be able to make repairs to your circuit boards.

CONSIDERING UPGRADING? For the past 25 years we have consulted on installs across North America. Our initial advice is free. Call us to discuss your home’s future.

We also have a decent stock of the recently obsolete HAI Omni controllers.

Tony Stewart

Founder – Stewart Electronics

Cell and Office 864-663-1517


Information below is for historical purposes only.

The Advanced Lighting Control Interface for ELK-M1 (P/N 364864-01) combines the functionality of an On-Q Home Lighting Controller and an ELK-M1XSP expander. The lighting interface (see Figure 1) provides highspeed,

two-way communications with On-Q’s Advanced Lighting Control (ALC) switches. The lighting interface’s flexible control features enable it to function as a standalone lighting system controller for basic convenience and
security lighting applications. Alternatively, when connected to an ELK-M1 controller, the control interface supports fully automated whole-house lighting control functions.

In a basic system installation, ALC 4-Button Scene Switches provide an interface to the homeowner for control of
lighting within a room, multiple rooms or even lights and appliances throughout the entire home. The Advanced
Lighting Control Interface for ELK-M1 incorporates features that permit ALC Scene Switches to automatically
learn the light level settings of ALC dimmer and relay switches. By simply pressing and holding a button, the
homeowner can program groups of lights set to any desired levels. After programming, each time a Scene
Switch’s button is pressed, all associated ALC dimmer and relay switch output levels will automatically resume
their programmed levels.

Since, all ALC lighting switches can both receive and transmit data via the lighting interface, the press of any ALC
switch can serve as program triggers for automated control of security levels, temperature set-points, audio
settings, etc. When connected to an ELK-M1 controller, ALC switches can be controlled based on time-of-day,
system modes and security related events.

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